Hi, nice to meet you!

I’m Tara, lover of all things interior, DIY and crafts! You’re much more likely to find me painting walls at 11pm than sat watching a film or climbing into bed. I live with my husband Joe who is a Firefighter and my gorgeous son Henry who has just turned 4.

I have always been a creative person, starting when my Nan used to have us for sleepovers when me and my sisters were little. We’d be turning tissue boxes into furniture and wooden spoons into puppets, then add in that my Dad’s a musician and my Uncle an actor and you’ll see I come from a pretty creative family that has always encouraged pursuing anything that makes you HAPPY!

I have A levels in Drama, Digital Photography and English Language and a First Class BA Honors Degree in Fashion Promotion and Styling which led onto me travelling multiple times to Barbados with Getty Images, internships at magazines and with brands down in London, creating window displays for stores across the country and eventually I went self employed full time back in September 2015.

Since then I have done social media management and also run a successful personalised clothing business for 3 years. Then the pandemic hit, suppliers shut and I was forced to have time off for the first time since going self employed!! The pandemic has had a huge affect on everyones lives, but for me I found my silver lining amongst the chaos.

Taking a step back was exactly what I needed in order to claim back my creative freedom and figure out exactly what I wanted. For me, it was a better work life balance, alongside creating unique pieces that would bring people joy in their own homes! So I started plotting...

And here is where 'Our Layered Home - Studio' was born. My personal [home] Instagram account shot from 1,500 followers to 37,500 followers from March 2020-March 2021 and resulted in me working with brands I'd only ever dreamt of working with. It gave me the confidence and the motivation to work on building a brand that is all about loving what you love, creating beautiful pieces for peoples homes and not compromising on being eco friendly!

You can keep up to date with what I'm drawing, creating and packing here. You’ll get a daily insight into my brain, home and family over on my Instagram page, follow along with my ideas and inspiration on Pinterest and here is where I’ll share more details on how you can achieve budget friendly projects in your home, start up a small business of your own, shop my creations and more!