New Year, Same Me... Just Better!

[ad] Hi gang… 2021 can you believe it? And to kick it off we’re into our third national lockdown! But fear not - we got through it before and we’ll get through it again - and hopefully for the last time! Seen as it’s the start of the year I thought it’d be a good opportunity to share my experience with Learning Curve, who I did an online course with towards the end of last year! You’ll see a lot of ‘new year, new me’ flying around and although some of it is said with good intentions, give yourself a BREAK and don’t let all the fitness kicks, diets and daily meditations make you feel bad for making it out of bed today and getting through another day of what currently feels like Groundhog Day!


Instead of resolutions this year I decided to set myself some simple - no pressure - ‘goals’ that I could try and work towards! I love a good list… who doesn’t right? My goals were to keep up with my blog and post at least one post a week here, to launch my new business, to complete Henrys room makeover, our bedroom renovation and the garden, to spend more time the three of us with phones down and to remember to take my multivitamin!

But whatever your goals, aspirations or resolutions might be for this year I just hope they make you HAPPY! 2020 was a really big year of learning for me, and for that I’m grateful! I learnt how to live with less, I learnt how to entertain a toddler at home full time, I learnt I had been working way too much, I learnt that it’s important to open my eyes more to the world and one big thing I learnt more about was Climate Change! My carbon footprint started to worry me, and the more I learnt the more I knew I had to make a change!

This resulted in me shutting my small business of 3.5 years as I wanted to turn my energy to something where I could stand by my morals of creating less waste. That’s when Learning Curve reached out and told me about their FREE [to residents of England] online courses and pointed out one they thought I’d be interested in… Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness.

There are around 45 FREE courses to be done online ranging from around 3 weeks to 6 weeks to complete [if you do a couple hours a day] and you walk away with a Level 2 qualification at the end of it! I’ll be honest, when I started my course I had all the good intentions of dedicating a few hours a day to it, but with a toddler at home full time and my husband being a firefighter with an ever changing shift pattern I actually ended up completing the course [and passed!] across one full day and two half days! Proof that if you’re interested in a subject, you should just go for it and find the time!

With unemployment at an all time high and redundancies happening across the board with all jobs I think taking lockdown or furlough or just a little time to yourself to learn is a huge positive! For me, I just wanted to better understand a subject that was worrying me, and learn more about the positive changes I can make in our household… but for you it may be you’re looking for a change in career or you’re looking to make yourself even more indispensable! Whatever your reason, I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to LEARN more!

Getting started:

  1. Pick your course here.

  2. Make sure you have what you need [National Insurance Number, Photo ID, Proof of employment/unemployment eg wage slip, P60, proof of benefits or self assessment evidence, and details of previous qualifications!]

  3. Once you’ve enrolled they will check over details before getting in touch. If all filled out correctly you’ll then be allocated a tutor and given their contact details.

  4. Set aside some time, make yourself some snacks and a drink and get started!

You’ll be told when your first and second deadline are, but you can contact your tutor if you need an extension. I started doing the course solely online, but I personally find I work better on paper so Learning Curve organised for me to be sent the booklets for my course so that I could scribble away and highlight areas and then I answered all the questions online [though you can also do this on paper and post it back, but consider your deadlines if you choose this option!]

Once I had the physical booklets I felt more ready to tackle the course and once I got going I completed the first assessment in one day, once I heard back that I’d passed that one I started on the second and completed that across two half days. I personally didn’t need to contact my tutor for any help, but at the start of the course you are given a phone number and email address incase you need them. And before I started the second assessment my tutor rang me to give some feedback on how I could better answer questions in the second assessment.

I’ve always been someone who loves to learn… if I want to do something or know something I want to be the best I can and know as much as I can! Growing up I always loved that my Dad was full of useless random knowledge [though he used to say he was sharing it with us incase we ended up on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire one day - bit outdated now ha!] So for me, doing a course on Climate Change and learning new ways I could implicate change in our household and also support a bigger picture, was a really positive way for me to spend some of my time in 2020!

But of course it’s not the only course they do… My husband is currently doing one of their courses on Mental Health after struggling with his own when we first had Henry and he is hoping to take what he learns into the Fire Service and become a mental health ambassador within the service. Another great course they have is on starting your own business - something many dream of doing, but the fear of the unknown holds them back!

If you have any questions at all the please don’t hesitate to comment or get in touch. Doing this course was hands down one of the best decisions I made in 2020 - taking time to learn and better yourself will never be a bad decision! And I’m far from perfect on the ‘sustainable living’ front, but as a household we have drastically reduced our single use plastic intake, all our Christmas wrapping was recyclable and we all know I love to make old things like new again with a lick of paint or a different perspective!

Oh and with starting the year as I mean to go on I’ve added a couple green pledges to my ‘goals for 2021’ that I found via OVO Energy here - they’ve done a blog post on small green pledges you can make and implement from the comfort of your own home! Small changes all add up to big positives - so I will be making sure I turn my Mac off properly [rather than leaving on standby] and only boiling the amount of water needed to make a brew!

[Last year I worked with Learning Curve via Instagram to let more people know these fully funded courses exist, and this is my honest view on the process.]

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