Home Made Boob Planter

Originally posted September 8th 2020 [post contains affiliate links.]

Well… hasn’t lockdown been a busy one! I thought I might actually have some time on my hands – how wrong I was! Anyway… yesterday I managed to sneak away from the boys for a bit and me and Smokey (the only other female… my cat) locked ourselves in The Snug and got creative!

I found a candle jar that had totally burnt out, so decided to give it a little facelift to match the mural I painted in rust/peach tones. The lid was already nice so that has been removed and is now being used as a coaster…

But the base of the jar I decided to make into a terracotta planter using air drying terracotta clay that I bought on Amazon. Here’s what you need to create your own…

Air drying clay, modelling tools (though I just used my fingers for this project), scissors and a jar/candle to cover.

I started by cutting open the packet and squeezing out some of the clay which I then moulder around the jar. Depending on how creative you’re feeling you could make the shape without a jar, but I really liked it’s shape and thought it would make it more sturdy and less likely to break. 

Once I was happy with the texture and coverage I rolled two large balls that I moulded into boobs (having breastfed for nearly 2 years I’m a big fan of boob trinkets!) – as the clay is air drying, depending on the temperature you may have to work fast. You might be able to make out here that it was starting to set a little, but it remained easy to mould!

And as simple as that I then left it to dry! I also have the same clay in white and I’m going to experiment with making some art, shell shaped trinket trays, coasters and other bits! There’s just something really lovely about making something yourself, and this clay was so easy to work with it was really therapeutic! If you give it, or something similar a go please tag me on Instagram @ourlayeredhome and use my hashtag #yourlayeredhome so I can share!

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