Abstract Face Vase

By now you’re probably quite accustomed to the fact I LOVE charity shops, antique shops, second hand goodies, back alley finds, skip saving… one mans rubbish and all that! But one of the best bits to all that is giving something old or unloved a new lease of life!


Recently I’ve given two charity shop vases a little face lift to bring them back up to date and in keeping with my style! I’ll be creating blogs for both and showing you ‘how to’ but here’s the first one… the abstract face vase, which was inspired by this lamp I spotted on Graham and Green.

What you’ll need:

  • a second hand/unloved vase [though you could use a jar, or tin, or burnt out candle jar too]

  • air drying clay [I used terracotta because my pack was open from when I made my booby pot but you could use white too] terracotta or white

  • modelling tools - optional but helpful, can be bought here

  • paint - I love using Frenchic Al Fresco range as it’d self priming and doesn’t need sealing, this pots lasted a long time so far, so a tester pot could do too

  • a small paint brush

  • glue gun - I didn’t need one, but you may, I’ll explain in the blog


Step 1 - Personally I opted for an abstract style face, I wanted the outline thick and 3D, so first of all I tore off some of the clay and rolled it out into a long sausage shape. Bare in mind you should work quite fast with air drying clay as it can start to crack a little once it starts drying. So if you’re unsure of a face style have a look online for inspiration first.

Step 2 - Apply the clay to the vase in the shape you want. It’s at this point you can either be impatient like me OR carefully lift the clay off and allow it to dry fully before using a hot glue gun to stick the face to the vase.

TIP - At this point I used the modelling tools to shape inside the nostrils and eyes where my fingers were too big to smooth them out.

Step 4 - Let it dry.

Step 5 - Admire your handy work!

You know I like to keep things short and simple without too much work - so here you have it! I’d also advise you give your vase a good clean and dry before you start too - I always use sugar soap before starting any project on furniture and that can be picked up in most stores.

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